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    Money affects how you feel about your job.     Driven Organization

    When I graduated from college several years ago, my classmates and I used salary and only salary to compare jobs. Nothing else got so much attention. Some of my classmates had receiv...

    Comments 1 Published on 02 Feb. 2013

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    How effective is money to motivate employees?     Driven Organization

    There are specific conditions when money is a good tool to motivate employees, but in general it is a really bad idea. It works well when the employee must be focused on one repetitive task,...

    Published on 16 Nov. 2012

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    Wrong things most modern companies do.     Driven Organization

    In this article, we describe some of the most common business practices that do not foster employee engagement and a positive organizational environment. Some of these incorrect practices ar...

    Published on 02 Oct. 2012

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    Is your team better off without a manager?     Driven Organization

    A few years ago, I was part of a team to launch new motors into production. We had in our team folks from all the required functional areas, such as purchasing, quality, manufacturing, sales, ...

    Published on 24 Sep. 2012