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    How does Google keep their employees happy?     Driven Organization

    Have you heard the phrase "Take care of your employees and your employees will take care of your customers"? Another one is "Happy workers make happy customers." One more is "For the good of t...

    Published on 10 Sep. 2013

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    Job sites expected to crash on Monday!     Driven Organization

    According to Simon Devitt, who leads the classified section of the Leicester Mercury in England, the first Monday of September is one of the two days in the year in which most people visit job...

    Published on 08 Sep. 2013

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    Only 47% of Americans think their work is fine!     Driven Organization

    Recently, the conference board published the results of their 2012 Job Satisfaction survey . They report that only 47.2% of American workers are satisfied with their jobs. This is an increase from ...

    Published on 30 Oct. 2012

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    What impacts job satisfaction of nurses the most? Salary? Benefits? Perks? Nope.     Driven Organization

    In a recent study involving 863 RNs working in 282 skilled nursing facilities in New Jersey, it was found that the following variables had the most influence in job satisfaction: Staff RNs’ parti...

    Published on 17 Oct. 2012

  • Survey shows 78% of M'sians unhappy with their jobs     The SunDaily

    A recent JobStreet.com survey on Employee Job Satisfaction in Malaysia, revealed that 78 per cent of respondents were unhappy with their current jobs. While, it is often perceived that the main rea...

    Published on 14 Oct. 2012

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    Freelancers happier, healthier than permanent employees     Omar Garcia

    Why would people choose the uncertainty of contract or temporary work while they can have the security of a permanent job? Simple. They have more "Autonomy" in how they do their wor...

    Published on 08 Oct. 2012

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    Study: People value work enjoyment more than money.     Driven Organization

    In the past, people used to choose money as the most significant reason for staying at their job. Nowadays, people value work enjoyment and how "the job fits with their lives" s...

    Published on 20 Sep. 2012

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    More money and time cards; is job satisfaction up or down?     Omar Garcia

    In Israel, to increase the number of doctors, the Israeli Health Ministry decided to raise salaries. With the objective of increasing highly needed productivity, they also added time con...

    Published on 20 Sep. 2012

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    Doctors who feel "called" enjoy more their work.     Driven Organization

    A study by University of Chicago researchers of 950 U.S. primary care physicians attempts to understand the variables that affect their job satisfaction. They studied doctors treating&nbs...

    Published on 16 Sep. 2012

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    Are there jobs that pay little but make people happy?     Driven Organization

    Yes, there are according to a study by the US News and World Report. They find the following jobs rank high in job satisfaction , but have low salaries . Security Guard. Averag...

    Published on 08 Sep. 2012

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    The most unhappy jobs in America.     Driven Organization

    The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago produced a list of the 10 jobs with the lowest satisfaction in America. The jobs that made the shameful list are: Roofers. Serve...

    Published on 05 Sep. 2012

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    You can do better than this.     Driven Organization

    My job is fine. I have heard this phrase thousands of times. When I begin poking around with questions such as "If you won the lottery, will you keep doing it?" or "tell me about the best job in th...

    Published on 04 Sep. 2012