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    Money affects how you feel about your job.     Driven Organization

    When I graduated from college several years ago, my classmates and I used salary and only salary to compare jobs. Nothing else got so much attention. Some of my classmates had receiv...

    Comments 1 Published on 02 Feb. 2013

  • Survey shows 78% of M'sians unhappy with their jobs     The SunDaily

    A recent JobStreet.com survey on Employee Job Satisfaction in Malaysia, revealed that 78 per cent of respondents were unhappy with their current jobs. While, it is often perceived that the main rea...

    Published on 14 Oct. 2012

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    The most unhappy jobs in America.     Driven Organization

    The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago produced a list of the 10 jobs with the lowest satisfaction in America. The jobs that made the shameful list are: Roofers. Serve...

    Published on 05 Sep. 2012