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    Was the Godfather better off by helping others?     Driven Organization

    We all know how well the Godfather did. And he did it all by asking for only one thing in return when he helped someone. Do you remember these words?  “Some day, and that day may never come, ...

    Published on 22 Sep. 2013

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    Doctors who feel "called" enjoy more their work.     Driven Organization

    A study by University of Chicago researchers of 950 U.S. primary care physicians attempts to understand the variables that affect their job satisfaction. They studied doctors treating&nbs...

    Published on 16 Sep. 2012

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    How great would it be if we all could see the Purpose of our job?     Omar Garcia

    Doctors have greater opportunities to see that their work have a positive impact on the lives of people. This is one of the main human needs that Maslow added to his pyramid of needs at t...

    Published on 05 Sep. 2012