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Does is it work? Networking??

Hi All,

I work at a Flooring contracting company which specialises in the application of resin floors and want to rraise comapny profile and brand awareness.

Does networking really work though? I find it to be very time consuming and in some instances very expensive.

What are the alternatives?

As Vuba Group comprises of two businesses - Vuba Flooring Ltd and Vuba Supplies Ltd, it isnt always straight forward.

Any advice/tips?


Posted on 16 Oct. 2012 by grantd

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paulina.gawelda 17 Oct 20:05


Dear Grantd,

You are absolutely right. Networking is quite expensive because it is an artificial activity that your company must perform in addition to all other activities that must do to stay competitive in its business. Imagine that every employee spoke all the time about your organization, its products,and its objectives at every opportunity because they felt like it. You would not need to do any additional networking because your company would be quite recognizable already. Best of luck.

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