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What can one employee do?

I was wondering, it is all very nice and promising, but me being just one middle management employee at a big corporation, is there anything I can really do?

Posted on 10 Sep. 2012 by agata.garlewska

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omar.garcia 13 Sep 03:04


Dear Agata,

There are many things that you can do. Think of your work teams as your own little organizations that can follow many of the practices of the Driven Organization. I am sure that you are familiar with SPACES where each letter represents a component that will get you closer to an amazing organization (Salary, Purpose, Autonomy, Competence, Environment, and Strategy).

You and your team can, for example, define the rules of the team in such a way that team members implement as many of the principles of "Autonomy" as it is possible. You would be surprised to learn how much leeway the small team can exercise and break away from the stodgy practices of the rest of the organization.

You can create your own little "Environment" and make sure that above anything else everyone is enjoying working in this team. Make the unspoken rule to take care of each other, to be a strong unit and even to have a purpose outside of your work. For example, your team can take over a small cause and work a Thursday afternoon on it, for instance. This will strengthen the ties among your team and make each team member feel that the team is doing something for the benefit of the world. It may be also possible to pass your cause over to other teams and eventually, it may become the "Purpose" of the organization.

In a similar manner, talk with your team about the interests of team members and how to pursue learning more about them. This is what we refer to as in "Competence." Dedicate some time to learn about that, and even though it may not be related to the work, you will find the benefits quite evident pretty soon.

These are just some examples, Agata, but try it out. You will see that other teams soon copy what your team is doing. Do tell us what you learn. Best of luck.

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