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  • grantd

    Does is it work? Networking??     grantd

    Hi All,

    I work at a Flooring contracting company which specialises in the application of resin floors and want to rraise comapny profile and brand awareness.

    Does networking really work thoug...

    Comments 1 Posted on 16 Oct. 2012

  • omar.garcia

    What would you like to see discussed at the DrivenOrganization.com?     omar.garcia

    Tell us about your worries, suggestions for subjects or improvements. This site is for you, so tell us how we can help you better.

    Comments 2 Posted on 16 Sep. 2012

  • agata.garlewska

    What can one employee do?     agata.garlewska

    I was wondering, it is all very nice and promising, but me being just one middle management employee at a big corporation, is there anything I can really do?

    Comments 1 Posted on 10 Sep. 2012