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The Driven Organization; And What We Need To Be Happy And Productive at Work ISBN: 9780989609609

Book Cover

Cover Illustration: Frank Pryor, SpiritLine Studios

Are you happy with your job? Do you feel happy and excited on Sunday night because you get to go to work the next day? Does your company produce the desired financial results?

Imagine that every day you look forward to go to work with the same eagerness with which you pursue a hobby, go out with your friends, or read about your favorite subject. Sounds unreal, but Omar Garcia proves us that work not only doesn't have to be a drag on our life, but that it is the best way to reach our entire potential, accomplish higher goals, and have the best of times. In the process, we would make our companies significantly more profitable.

This is a fun-to-read, inspiring book for managers, entrepreneurs, and everyone who has considered that the way we work could be better. You will never see work in the same way. It will help you rethink current paradigms and understand what you need your work to be. It will help managers and business owners create the conditions for workers to be happy, reach their entire potential, and be much more productive.

Omar Garcia manages to bring the latest research and explain it in a way that it all makes perfect sense. He also shows us what the most progressive organizations do to build companies where people love to work.

The book is already available! You can read the first four chapters here. Send us your comments. We look forward to them. info@drivenorganization.com

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  • A compelling road map for creating workplaces driven by engagement ... with happier workers and more sustainable outcomes.

    -- Kirkus Reviews

  • Garcia‚Äôs innovative, thesis is that a business should strive primarily to create a harmony of corporate and personal interests and meet the needs of its workers and community. Engaging with workers in a way that creates job satisfaction both boosts the bottom line and makes the workplace more comfortable.Garcia believes the unprecedented commitment of Generation X and Generation Y to creative, meaningful work makes his ideas timely. His practical steps mix the mundane and the visionary,and his enthusiasm sweeps aside skepticism with breezy aphorisms.

    -- Publishers Weekly

  • This book exceded my highest expectations. First of all, I felt that somebody had read 10 years worth of my thoughts, dreams, frustrations about companies, bosses, colleagues, and business rules. It was a great source of new knowledge in so many fields, economics, history, and psychology, all shown in a clear, practical way without feeling that someone was lecturing me, but with honesty and truth. Also, it feels that it was written by someone who has been there, which made me want to read more. The author is credible and honest, but most of all, a visionary and someone passionate about this. He has has a thought-out structure with specific tools on how to heal and grow a company, and how to make your own life better.

    -- Urszula Piesko

  • For anyone working in corporations, this book is an excellent resource for understanding the causes behind performance (or lack thereof). Examples used are concise and relevant, driving home key ideas without belaboring points. Omar's examples from his time at GM ring especially true with me based on my own experience at the company. His combination of firsthand experience and wide ranging research give the book credibility.

    The Driven Organization brings together in one easy to read package the latest understanding of human behavior on the job. The writing is light on its feet, smoothly guiding the reader on a journey to uncover the framework of an effective organization. This book should be required reading for anyone about to take the leadership reigns of an organization. I am on the lookout for ways to apply SPACES in my current job with the full confidence that both myself and my colleagues will benefit.

    The Driven Organization deserves a place alongside the best business books on your shelf.

    -- Shawn D Forry

  • Let me begin by saying that I was first introduced to Mr. Garcia when I was contacted to create a new cover his book. After reading it's jacket, I was intrigued. After reading more, I was hooked! As someone who has worked my way up the 'corporate-ladder', started my own company more than once and have managed employees, I immediately recognized the potential of his book. I sincerely believe that it should not only be required reading for college students, but should be also be highly recommended when obtained a business license! Business owners and their employees will benefit in so many ways when these practices and philosophies are properly applied.

    -- Frank Pryor Owner, SpiritLine Studio pryorsportraits.com

  • Organization manifesto for happier employees, Garcia writes a thoughtful book on how organizations can be built to have happier lives. Drawing from both personal experiences, third-party research and thoughtful analysis, he puts forth proposals on how business leaders can build meaningful organizations. From magic tricks to brand analysis to Joshua Bell, Garcia uses a variety of examples to make his point. If you enjoy a cross-disciplinary approach to solving organization problems, then you'll enjoy Garcia's latest

    -- Lewis Lin