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    Study: People value work enjoyment more than money.     Driven Organization

    In the past, people used to choose money as the most significant reason for staying at their job. Nowadays, people value work enjoyment and how "the job fits with their lives" s...

    Published on 20 Sep. 2012

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    Doctors who feel "called" enjoy more their work.     Driven Organization

    A study by University of Chicago researchers of 950 U.S. primary care physicians attempts to understand the variables that affect their job satisfaction. They studied doctors treating&nbs...

    Published on 16 Sep. 2012

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    Workers derive satisfaction from learning things not directly related with their work.     Omar Garcia

    There is the innate desire for people to learn even if the learning is not related with the primary professional activity. This need is so important that often takes us to move to another city or s...

    Published on 14 Sep. 2012

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    Who's responsible for your happiness at work? | Marketplace.org     Market Place

    A brief 2 minute podcast of the influence of a great team and Environment. Listen to it here .

    Published on 13 Sep. 2012

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    Have you signed away your democracy?     Driven Organization

    The story of almost every country is colored by its search for democracy, a fight that wasn't cheap. It entailed paying a price of thousands of lives. Even today, some countries are stil...

    Published on 10 Sep. 2012

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    Are there jobs that pay little but make people happy?     Driven Organization

    Yes, there are according to a study by the US News and World Report. They find the following jobs rank high in job satisfaction , but have low salaries . Security Guard. Averag...

    Published on 08 Sep. 2012

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    How great would it be if we all could see the Purpose of our job?     Omar Garcia

    Doctors have greater opportunities to see that their work have a positive impact on the lives of people. This is one of the main human needs that Maslow added to his pyramid of needs at t...

    Published on 05 Sep. 2012

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    The most unhappy jobs in America.     Driven Organization

    The National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago produced a list of the 10 jobs with the lowest satisfaction in America. The jobs that made the shameful list are: Roofers. Serve...

    Published on 05 Sep. 2012

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    You can do better than this.     Driven Organization

    My job is fine. I have heard this phrase thousands of times. When I begin poking around with questions such as "If you won the lottery, will you keep doing it?" or "tell me about the best job in th...

    Published on 04 Sep. 2012