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Are there jobs that pay little but make people happy?

by Driven Organization

Yes, there are according to a study by the US News and World Report. They find the following jobs rank high in job satisfaction, but have low salaries.

  • Security Guard. Average Salary: $31,030 
  • Sports Coach. Average Salary: $28,470
  • Recreation and fitness worker. Average Salary: $31,030
  • Administrative assistant. Average Salary: $31,870
  • Real Estate Agent. Average Salary: $39,070
  • Child, Family, and Social worker. $40,680
An interesting question is what makes each of these jobs have such a high satisfaction ranking when they pay so little.

We have said in the past that money is a necessary condition for happiness. When we don't have money to fulfill the basic needs for ourselves and our loved ones, we feel sad, distraught, unhappy. We all know that. But we have also said that, once the basic needs are met, people do not become happier as their income level raises. In this case, other factors kick in. 

What are those factors? Let's see some of them:
  • Does your job have a reason for being, a purpose to exist, a positive impact on the lives of others?
  • Do you have the capacity to choose how, when and where to do your job? In other words, does your job have flexibility? do you get to exercise your creativity and ideas to improve the results of your work?
  • Are you able to learn at your job? Does it bring opportunity for you to grow?
  • Do you have fun at work? Do you and your coworkers have created an environment of camaraderie among yourselves?
  • Do you get enough money to cover your basic needs?
  • Is your organization intelligently managed? Are your efforts not wasted?
Now, lets review those professions again. Maybe now we can determine why they rank high in satisfaction.

Sport Coaches, besides training athletes, also serve as advisers, parents, teachers, and confidants for their teams. They know that their impact on the lives of people is significant.

Security Guards like flexible hours. All those night and 12-hour shifts result in more free day time. Yes, flexibility is that important.

Recreation and fitness workers just have a great time at work. They report meeting great people and establishing multiple valuable relationships every day. They also tend to have considerable flexibility.

Administrative assistants, by working for managers and executives, have considerable impact on the organization. They have the biggest influence in making or not making an office efficient, thus they know how important they are in order for the big boss to perform well.

Real estate agents have high flexibility. They make appointments according to their own scheduling needs and meet great people constantly. They also have significant influence on the quality of life of their customers by helping them choose the right property for them.

Child, Family, and Social workers work from the heart. Knowing the significant impact they have on the lives of others supplies all or most of the required job satisfaction they need.

Please note that I am not saying that these low salaries are fair. I am solely highlighting the fact that workers are able to derive high satisfaction even when their salaries are low.

Check the source article here.

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Tags: Salary, job satisfaction
Published on 08 Sep. 2012


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