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Job sites expected to crash on Monday!

by Driven Organization

According to Simon Devitt, who leads the classified section of the Leicester Mercury in England, the first Monday of September is one of the two days in the year in which most people visit job sites (Reference). Do you know what is the other day? It is the first day back at work after Christmas. The explanation that he gives is that these are the days in which most people come back to work.

Why would people be looking for another job on these days? Why would they feel like that after several days away from work? Shouldn't they feel rested after a long vacation? Didn't they miss the excitement of work?  All those great projects waiting for us. All that interesting stuff to do for which we are better than anybody else. All those great friends at work with whom we have the best of times.

Not really?  Why not?  Is this impossible to have? No. Some people do feel like that. Often these folks are the great inventors, politicians, business men, industry leaders, professors, and CEOs. If you don't feel like them - why is that? What do they have that you don't? How come they are able to achieve such level of job satisfaction? Most importantly - what to do about it?  

Check our other articles and maybe few ideas will come to you - together we can learn the answer to these questions.

Our book is going to be launch to market in fewer than 30 days. We are quite excited!!
You can peak into first chapters here and here, then send your thoughts to us at info@drivenorganization.com

Tags: job satisfaction, vacation
Published on 08 Sep. 2013


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