How great would it be if we all could see the Purpose of our job?

by Omar Garcia

Doctors have greater opportunities to see that their work have a positive impact on the lives of people. This is one of the main human needs that Maslow added to his pyramid of needs at the end of his life. He called it "selfless Actualization," and it refers to 1) the need to work for the benefit and welfare of others and 2) our spiritual needs. Having an impact on someone else's life is such a huge need that often people leave their country, their house, their friends to fulfill this need.

Not all doctors get to do it. Many become absorbed in the bureaucracy or in their financial goals so much that they lose this great opportunity. These medicine workers suffer lower job satisfaction than if they did see their positive impact, than if this was their main concern.

It is also important to notice that we don't have to be doctors in order for us to satisfy this need. For example, the workers of Whole Foods Market believe they are helping people become educated and choose healthier options that would translate into better quality of life. One of their main purposes reads "Healing America through the use of better nutrition and lifestyle."

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Published on 05 Sep. 2012