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You can do better than this.

by Driven Organization

My job is fine. I have heard this phrase thousands of times. When I begin poking around with questions such as "If you won the lottery, will you keep doing it?" or "tell me about the best job in the world," the job begins to seem less "fine." One way or another, the job fails to bring something, although most people do not know what it is. 

Often, the work takes place in amazing industries. Some people build airplanes, other people design automobiles, other take tourists to wonderful places. These jobs sound great, but somehow when they tell me of their everyday work, they sound quite different. There are discussions, negative behaviors, authoritative figures, bad management decisions, functional walls, poor communication, lack of motivation, financial loses, lay offs, and lots more. Is this normal? Is this to be expected of a job?

What if your job was only a mean for every worker to achieve its maximum potential, as worker and as human being? This would be great, but is it possible? The company that tries to do so would definitely go bankrupt in a snap, right?

At DrivenOrganization.com, we have found that not only it is quite possible, but there are tangible examples of many organizations that have made great strides into building workplaces where they workers are happy, satisfied, energized, and completely engaged with their organization. These organizations, not only stay in the black, but also make more money than their competitors. Think about Southwest, Wholefoods, Semco, Zappos, and many others.

At DrivenOrganization.com, we have been studying the secret recipe that allows a company to focus on its workers and generate incredible profits. You can participate and help us learn too. Bring your experiences and frustrations, your learnings and questions. Join us.

Tags: job satisfaction
Published on 04 Sep. 2012


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