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Study: People value work enjoyment more than money.

by Driven Organization

In the past, people used to choose money as the most significant reason for staying at their job. Nowadays, people value work enjoyment and how "the job fits with their lives" significantly more. When asked, "Why do you stay with the current employer?" the reasons given the most were because "I enjoy the work I do," and "My job fits well with other areas of my life," both with 67% of respondents. Pay came fourth at 59%.

These are the results of a recent study commissioned by the American Psychological Association and conducted by Harris Interactive. You can see the results of the study here

At the DrivenOrganization.com, while we have long known that to keep workers engaged and happy, pay is not the most significant factor, we celebrate that the majority of workers are increasingly realizing it and are not putting financial considerations at the top of their priority list. These results are coming at a time when the US is still recovering from the financial crisis, and many US households are only now rebuilding their financial strength, making these results the more remarkable.

We believe that in the future, workers will choose the jobs that bring the most job satisfaction and opportunity to be happy. The organizations that are able to foster the conditions for this to take place, will be able to attract the best workers and succeed in the market.

Women, by the way, topped the list with 72% of them choosing enjoyment as the main reason (versus 63% of men). Also, 80% of those older than 55 years of age did so too.

Another interesting result is that staying because "of the manager," is almost at the bottom of the list with only 40% of respondents saying so. We believe that managers will occupy a less predominant place as organizations begin to act in a more autonomous (or democratic) manner. See our article about democracy here.

When we compare by age, Gen Y workers "stay at the job because of their coworkers" much more than other age groups, with the exception of those older than 55%, who do it just a tad less than Gen Y workers. This is a trend that we have seen with Gen Y workers, who tend to choose employment places where the environment is conducive to having friends and a fun environment.

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Tags: Salary, gen Y, job satisfaction
Published on 20 Sep. 2012


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