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The Driven Organization Team:

We are an organization founded with the specific purpose of transforming our places of work, from a focus of "generating profits above all else" to a focus on using work as a way of helping workers succeed, have a great time, be truly free, and achieve their entire potential. Since the standard way of conducting business doesn't work for us, we need the experiences and tools developed by many folks like yourself in order for us to learn and have significant impact in our organizations. You are part of the team, and you are expected to take ownership and advance this effort too. Your other friends at DrivenOrganization.com will be there along your side.

Omar Garcia

Photo by: David Scott


Omar Garcia has more than 17 years of experience leading international teams in corporations such as General Electric, Robert Bosch, and General Motors. He began his career as an Electrical Design Engineer for GE. Eventually, he was able to design the largest one-phase transformer in the history of the GE manufacturing plant. Later on, he led multi-disciplinary international teams in Bosch Mexico and Bosch USA. Omar and his team launched a variety of new Engine Cooling Fan applications and were awarded substantial new contracts by leading automotive manufacturers, tripling production.

After pursuing his MBA for 2 years, he joined General Motors, where he held a variety of roles. Among them, he was the manager of the Chevy Camaro and Corvette programs, he was the operations manager of a seven-center global organization, and he worked as a strategy consultant, advising GM senior management in the US and overseas. He currently advises organizations on how to improve performance and engage their workers in a better way.

Omar grew up in a family of psychologists, which helped him study and bring the perspective of the human being behind the worker's uniform. He holds a bachelor degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Monterrey Tech in Mexico (ITESM), a Master of Engineering from the McCormick School of Engineering (Northwestern University), and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University).

Urszula Milewska

Managing Director - Europe.

Urszula Mileswka has 15 years of experience as a sales manager and trainer for international corporations such as Citi Bank ,GMAC, Fortis Bank, IFIS Finance, Alior Bank, and Bank Zachodni WBK. She began her career as a customer advisor at Bank Handlowy-Citi Bank, where she achieved one of the highest sales figures in the region. Later as a Sales team leader at Bank Zachodni WBK, she trained and coached employees and senior management in sales, negotiation, and other related subjects. She also led projects to implement innovative methods of conducting sales and build employee engagement. Due to their positive impact, Urszula was invited to join a team to expand the projects to the entire bank.

In the following years, Urszula continued working as a factoring Sales Manager, signing the largest companies in Poland with long-term multi-million contracts. She also coordinated factoring sales with the bank branches and conducted sales force trainings.

For several years, she has been an avid explorer in the areas of self development and employee engagement. She has found her passion in helping workers become more engaged at work, deriving more enjoyment, and achieving better results. Urszula has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Management from the Professional Business School in Cracow.

Paulina Gawelda

Managing Director - North America.

Paulina Gawelda has significant experience working in team environments, leading international projects in service oriented companies such as Capgemini, Onet, and GMAC. Paulina knows what it means to start from the bottom. She joined Cagemini as a customer service associate helping customers solve problems with their computers. In just a few years, after several promotions, she led the integration of new services for customers of Capgemini in 25 countries.

Paulina and Omar found a joint passion to find better ways to use work as a tool to achieve our entire potential and increase our chances to reach happiness. She acted as his sounding board when he was writing the book. She constantly challenged him to go deeper and find out the true root causes behind our mediocre job satisfaction. She is a significant reason why the book is what it is. Paulina has a Master degree from the University of Science and Technology in Cracow.


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